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Sneak peek at Postmatic 2.0: Support for OptinMonster and 500+ other apps

Optin fans: you can go nuts now.

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This one has been a long time coming. Postmatic 2.0 will work out of the box with OptinMonster.

We will still be including our own Postmatic Optins but OptinMonster brings even more to the table such as a/b testing, exit-intent, segmentation, and welcome gates. Really it’s a whole other world and we’re elated that the integration is in place. Check it out.

Postmatic now talks to…. everything.

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Our second big integration announcement is that you can now send Postmatic subscribers to 500+ other applications and services. Things like Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Infusionsoft, Salesforce and Drip.

Our Zapier integration uses Webhooks to send subscribe and unsubscribe notifications to the application of your choice. Here are some ideas:

When someone subscribes to your site you could…

  • Add them to a Drip campaign
  • Shoot yourself email or SMS alert
  • Shoot them a personalized email welcoming them to your site
  • Add them to a Google Sheet
  • Add them to Salesforce
  • Add them to Infusionsoft
  • Alert your team in Slack
  • Send them an invite to your event via Eventbrite
  • Make your lights flash on and off in a dazzling show of victory

When someone unsubscribes from your site you could…

  • Send them an email begging forgiveness
  • Remove them from your Mailchimp list as well
  • Remove their customer record in Stripe
  • Add them to Salesforce as someone to follow up with later
  • Publicly shame them on Twitter (not recommended but devilishly fun)

The Webhook includes name, email address, list (more on that later), and if it was a subscribe or unsubscribe. Keep in mind the Webhook is just one-way: out. You can only push subscribers from Postmatic to other services. Pulling in would make it way too easy to violate our spam policies.

Dream up your own integrations and leave them in the comments!

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