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Ankur Kalra

When we began developing Postmatic in 2014 we were in the weeds. In stepped Ankur and Hop Services to help with our product planning, strategy, and general reality checks.

Ankur is a strategist, developer, and all around kind hearted guy. He also built our api, rails servers, and helped us plan for the future. He still tells us when we are being dumb to this very day. Really we couldn’t do this without him.

Danny Brown

A blogger’s blogger and the best user any WordPress startup could hope for. Despite his own site, he is a whole lot more than just a father, husband, and writer.

Danny has supported us as our #1 advocate since our earliest beta. He’s also shaped our product development and been our go-to guy with new ideas.

Josh Pollock & Caldera Labs

Josh is the head developer of what we like to call our smallest plugin with the biggest potential: Epoch. Josh helped dream it up, shake it down, and make it happen.

Looking for custom WordPress plugin development? Look no further than Caldera Labs.

Ronald Huereca

Ronald maintains a number of our supporting plugins including Postmatic Social Commenting, Elevated Comments, Crowd Control, and Epoch.

He’s also just a fantastically sweet person. Check him out for plugin development as well.

Our Products & Technologies

All of our software is open source and released under the GPL. Our plugins can be found on the WordPress repository and Github.


Blog engagement is only as limited as the technology which powers it.

Postmatic sends beautiful replyable emails for posts, digestsnewsletters, and comments.


Replyable offers affordable two-way email commenting for WordPress.

It’s Subscribe to Comments for the modern day.  


Epoch is our Disqus alternative with a focus on speed and privacy: 100% realtime native comments in a self-adapting template which actually increases site performance.

No ads. No data mining. Just perfect web-based commenting.  

Postmatic Social Commenting

Postmatic Social Commenting lets your users comment instantly using their social profiles. Our lightweight social plugin only authenticates their identity and off they go.

This isn’t social login. It’s just social authentication.  

Crowd Control

Comment moderation is a drag. Have your users lend a hand by flagging offensive comments and scrubbing your site clean.

Crowd Control gives your users the ability to report comments as inappropriate with a single click. If a comment gets flagged multiple times it’ll be removed from the post and marked as pending moderation. We’ll even send you an email to let you know. Now you can still go away on vacation and rest assured the trolls won’t overrun your site.  

Elevated Comments

Comments can be the best part of a post. So why are they always buried?

Elevated Comments uses language analysis and machine learning to identify the most relevant and thoughtful comment on each of your posts. The comment is then automatically inserted near the top of the post as a simple sidebar pull quote.  

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