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Why we built Postmatic

In the 15+ years that we’ve been providing technology services to small organizations, it has been clear that the technology bar needs to be lowered. Engaging in meaningful, timely conversation online is out of reach for too many people—especially in the blogosphere. We have created blogs for so many organizations that publish thought-provoking and essential content, but it often goes overlooked and under-discussed. Last spring we started thinking about how to change that. And so it is that we made Postmatic.

The trouble with fragmentation

We see a lot of bloggers absolutely scrambling to find an audience for their message. They have something important to say, the know-how to say it eloquently, and the website to publish it on. But in an attempt to help that message spread, they turn to a fragmented and complicated mix of social media. Soon, part of the discussion is on Facebook, some is on Twitter and there’s a little on their blog. None of it is cohesive, focused or integrated. And worst of all, the most perfect audience comes through their site day after day, but leave without taking something with them. They are the people that matter, and unless they are social-media savvy, they are being left out.

But what does everyone know and use? What does Alexis Madrigal in The Atlantic call the gentle, dependable workhorse that everyone relies on and nobody owns? Email! We really love email. The phone takes too much time. Twitter takes too little. Facebook is just.. Facebook. Email is best as far as we’re concerned.

 ‘s  

Postmatic is a beautiful marriage between WordPress (which we know and love) and Email. Smooch. And they go together so very well. It’s simple. It’s obvious. It was very complicated to build… but it had to be done.

Here is how it works

You install Postmatic on any WordPress blog or site. Two clicks.

A nice little subscribe box becomes available on your sidebar. Site visitors can subscribe to your site using their email address. In one click. They are done. No accounts, no logins, no passwords.

Next time you publish a post all of your subscribers receive a copy of it directly in their inbox. At work. On their phone. Wherever. The email is fully mobile-ready, responsive, and just gushes beauty with support for images, galleries, videos, and just about any WordPress content.

And here is why it works

Anyone can reply right from their inbox and their message is posted immediately back to your site as a comment. Ooooh. And once they have added their comment they will receive any subsequent comments as emails as well. In a few minutes an entire list-serve has emerged with the single focus of discussing your content. The web folks can engage via the web. The email folks can stick to email. And everyone can remain focused, engaged, and most important: at their own pace. 

– Jason Lemieux & Dylan Kuhn
March 2015. Plainfield, Vermont.