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What’s new in Postmatic and Epoch

There have been a lot of nice features in Postmatic 1.4.3-1.4.4 and Epoch 1.0.2-1.0.4 that you might not know about. Here’s a quick recap.

Let’s start with Postmatic’s new features:

A nice update for Jetpack sharing

We’ve done a lot of work to make the Jetpack icon-only mode render nicely in new post notifications. Here they are in all their glory:

Screenshot of Jetpack sharing icons with Postmatic

Between Jetpack (free) and Social Warfare (premium) there is now a colorful social sharing solution for everyone. The icons look great on desktop and in mobile email clients that support mobile-specific css. In mobile email clients that do not support background scaling the non-retina versions will display and look a little less than awesome. Sorry.

Subscription Language Customization

You can now configure the Participate in this conversation via email language that is located under the comment form. Here’s an example of the form with the default language:

Screenshot of Postmatic default opt-in text with comment form

To change the content of this text, go to Settings > Postmatic in your WordPress dashboard. Click on the Options tab. Scroll down until you see Comment form opt-in text.

Screenshot of how to change opt-in text for Postmatic
Change the text to whatever you like, then scroll down and click on the Save Changes button. Your comments form will now show the updated language.

Screenshot of Postmatic customized opt-in text with comment form

Simplified Subscription Emails

The language in our subscription emails has been streamlined, which makes the confirmation process much clearer. We moved all of the disclaimer language to the individual comment templates – where it really matters. This makes getting new subscribers in the door even easier.

Screenshot of Postmatic subscription opt-in email

Other changes to Postmatic:

  • We’ve made it more obvious to reply to an email to leave your reply.
  • The end-of-post optin trigger now triggers at the actual end of post instead of at the bottom of the page.
  • We added support for Easy Social Share Buttons. Increase engagement by adding buttons to share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and email.


What’s new in Epoch?

Post Author Comment Styling

We’ve added special styling for comments left by the blog post author. As you can see in the example below, the comment left by Jason is enclosed in a grey box because he is the author of the post.

Screenshot of Epoch author comment styling
Epoch now styles comments by the post author in a unique way.

Added Support for Simple Comment Editing

We now support Simple Comment Editing, a plugin with which one can give users the ability to edit and/or delete their comments within 5 minutes of posting. It’s fantastic and kind of magical.

Better notifications of comments in moderation

New in Epoch 1.0.4 are improved notifications of when your comment is being held for moderation. Moderated comments are grayed out and a special status icon lets you know in a glance.

Screenshot of a pending comment in Epoch
A pending comment in Epoch.


Work is coming along nicely on version 2.0 and on our next plugin: Postmatic Social. Stay tuned!

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