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WordPress native commenting. Perfected.

A native WordPress Disqus alternative with a focus on speed and privacy: 100% realtime native comments in a tiny little package that is fully CDN and cache compatible.


It’s free. Download from WordPress.org


A fantastic user experience

Once installed and activated Epoch overwrites your native comment templates with a simple, elegant, and highly usable experience. Full support for avatars, inline replies, and social sharing is built right in.

Is it comments, or is it chat? It’s hard to say. 

No more submitting comments and watching the page reload. All Epoch comments are submitted via ajax and post instantly in their proper place within the conversation.

And, as it should be, new comments from other users show up like magic automatically. It doesn’t matter if they are posted from the web, or from email. The conversation is instantly updated in realtime. Without killing your server.

Smarter than smart, faster than fast

We nailed it. Epoch is hands down the fastest commenting system available for WordPress, all the while supporting page cacheing and CDNs. Epoch comments lazy load into a placeholder container only when needed.

This means your post will load instantly, your comments will load instantly, and your server won’t blink. And no, we don’t use iframes. Your full SEO mojo will stay in tact, and your favorite page cacheing plugin will eat it right up.

Try Epoch right now.

Epoch is running on this very page. Enter something in the comments area below.

Epoch is fully integrated with Postmatic

When running Epoch along with Postmatic the magic really happens. The comment stream is updated in realtime with comments being posted from web as well as email. 

Perfect commenting for all

Epoch is Free, open-source, and available now to all self-hosted WordPress sites. We thought it was time commenting was done right.

Want to jump in and help?

This is just 1.0. We’re hoping the WordPress community will lend strength, ideas, and code to this project. That’s why we’ve kept it open-source. You can find Epoch on Github and jump right in. We can’t wait to see where commenting goes next.

Postmatic logo with clouds

Looking for something more?

Customize and enhance Epoch with other native commenting plugins.

Screenshot of WordPress Social Comment icons

Be Social

Add quick user verification with Postmatic Social Commenting. Users can verify their identity with social networks and services.

Illustration of green highlighter with speech bubble

Edit comments

Uh oh. Typo! Users can edit comments for 5 minutes with the addition of Simple Comment Editing.

Screenshot of Basic Comment Quicktags

Add a toolbar

Let your commenters leave rich-text comments with beautiful simplicity. Epoch works out of the box with Basic Comment Quicktags.

Akismet logo

Fight Spam

Since Epoch is fully WordPress native it plays well with your existing spam deterrents. It’ll work seamlessly with WP BruiserAkismet and most all anti-spam plugins. That should take care of things.

Try Epoch right now.

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