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The only way for you to succeed and grow your blogging business is to solidify your branding for your blog.

When A Thousand Words Aren’t Worth a Picture: The Importance of Branding for Bloggers

Why do bloggers need branding. It’s simple. You want readers. Audiences need someone to trust. Is that someone you?

Branding is Important.

“Branding is important not only because is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but also because it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company.” — Elizabeth Smithson, Branding Magazine

Branding is achieved through specific, deliberate, and consistent messaging in visual, verbal and non-verbal customer experiences. Branding communicates value and shapes perceptions about the company and its products or services. Poor branding breeds confusion and ultimately reduced value and sales. Effective branding breeds pride and loyalty. In other words, good branding can elevate while poor branding can destroy.

One great example that most people over 40 will remember is the fall of Beta Max. Some may argue that Beta Max was the superior product. “Sony kept Betamax proprietary, meaning that the market for VHS products quickly outpaced Betamax. Though Betamax was technically superior, VHS won out by simply being ubiquitous” writes Ben Gilbert, businessinsider.com. A quality product (superior or not) lost its foothold in the market altogether to its competitor that focused on making the technology widely available. Read more