Help us test our new creation…

Since our Michigan retreat we have been heads-down working on something new. You might say it is Postmatic’s little brother.

Hey Mr Brown,

Postmatic will continue to be what it has always been and to continue growing as an engagement platform.

The new product is definitely aimed at folks who already have a content delivery system in place but want to increase engagement on their posts. It’s also wildly more affordable and built for a larger audience.

All is looking well for a launch come Monday!

Jason Lemieux
From the comments

Development is complete and we’re ready for your help with testing.

If you have a WordPress site which uses native comments and like to tinker with new technologies – please let us know in the comments or by shooting us an email. Ideally you and your site are available asap to help with testing through the remainder of this week. We’re looking to launch on Monday.

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