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Take everything we know

Join us for a 7 day crash course on overhauling your comments and engagement using Postmatic

The Postmatic family of plugins has grown to include 5 unique applications spanning a huge variety of technologies. They all related to the same thing: engagement. But it is admittedly overwhelming.

Thanks Jason ☺

I am excited about what I may learn but also because daughter three will join us soon ?

I really like what you did with Postmatic and the plugins surrounding it. I really hope to bring it to good use soon ?

From the comments

We now make plugins to handle blog subscriptions, newsletters, comment notifications, web commenting, social commenting, decentralized moderation, and of course email commenting. Add them all together and you have something special.

While we are always available to walk you through overhauling engagement on your WordPress site, we have now created a free 7 day courseReimagining Blog Conversations with Postmatic. 

Seven days to overhaul conversations on your site. Here’s the outline:

  • Day 1: Plugins for laying a solid engagement foundation
  • Day 2: Installing and configuring Postmatic
  • Day 3: Forming a content delivery strategy and developing a template=
  • Day 4: Building your list and jumpstarting your community
  • Day 5: Sending posts with Postmatic
  • Day 6: Sending awesome digests & newsletters with Postmatic
  • Day 7: Keep the conversation going

To subscribe, simply comment on this post or head over here. We hope you enjoy it!

Subscribe and get a free 7 day course: Reimagining Conversations in WordPress

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