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Postmatic 2 redefines WordPress comments and blog subscriptions

We launched Postmatic 1 year ago. It has proved that people still love email and that blog engagement is more important than ever. Since then we have since been listening, learning and refining. Most importantly we have been completely rethinking conversations in WordPress and honing our tools for publishers of all sizes.


Let’s look at the big features and ideas

Digests for frequent publishers

We’ve grown our content delivery service to be a perfect fit for publications that are publishing even dozens of times a day. Postmatic Digests lets you configure daily, weekly, or monthly automatic newsletters of new site content. Include featured images, top comments, widgets, and more. Offbeat Bride has been using digests for a few months now and had this to say:

I’d been using MailChimp for my RSS newsletter for years, and due to its design limitations with RSS content, it was starting to feel like a costly embarrassment. Right out of the box, Postmatic’s digests look clean and modern — I could never get my MailChimp RSS newsletters looking anything more than barely cobbled together.

Redefining comment notifications with Comment Intelligence

We began by asking the question should we really be sending all comments? The answer was an obvious no. So we had to decide what makes a good comment? If we could come up with a system for automatically identifying only the best comments in a conversation we could hold back anything that wasn’t adding value or moving the dialogue forward. So we did. And we call it Comment Intelligence. Say goodbye to nice post, dude.

Comment Intelligence is good for limiting email, but it can also help you bring the conversation above the fold for better engagement. Check it out over on Danny Brown.

Scaling email commenting to 1,000 comments per post

Postmatic will automatically throttle comment notifications depending on how active a post is. When appropriate, new comments are emailed immediately. Otherwise they are saved up for a daily recap. Now we’re a perfect fit even for active communities like Elegant Themes.

Smart templates which adapt to your theme

Wrap your posts, digests, or comments in a template that automatically adapts to match the colors and typography of your theme as well as the content within. Our digest templates even adjust their layout depending on number of posts and what sort of images are available. Have a look.

Send perfect post content… or something else entirely

Postmatic Precheck analyzes your post content before you hit publish. If there is any content which may not hold up well in email, we’ll let you know. You can then fine tune the emailed version before it gets mailed. Or, make the emailed version completely different than the web. It’s up to you. A handy addition for the page-builder lovers out there.

Integration with 500+ other apps

You can now send Postmatic subscribers to 500+ other applications and services. Things like MailChimp, Google Sheets, Infusionsoft, Salesforce and Drip.

Our Zapier integration uses Webhooks to send subscribe and unsubscribe notifications to the application of your choice.

Less email, more smarts

If there was one theme to define Postmatic 2 it would be less is more. Postmatic 1 proved two-way email was possible in WordPress. We have listened to every pain point, revised every feature, and rethought what it means to make conversations happen on your site. We hope you love Postmatic 2 as much as we do.

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