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Offer subscription incentives in Postmatic 1.4.12

Offering an incentive for people to subscribe to your blog is a nice way to accelerate the growth of your list. It could be something as simple as an ebook or how-to guide. The psychology is in your favor: people are much more likely to subscribe to your list if you offer them a reward. Even if it is something they could get for free.

It looks something like this:

Blog subscription box with incentive

We’ve had this request from quite a few users in the last few weeks so we decided well, why not?

How to offer subscriber incentives in Postmatic

  1. Upgrade Postmatic to the latest version (1.4.12) and visit Settings > Postmatic in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Set up your widget, form, or optin with a nice teaser. Here are some ideas.
  3. Visit the Options screen.
  4. There you will find a new box named Subscription Confirmation Message.
  5. Insert any html you want. When a user successfully subscribes to your blog (not to comments) we’ll shoot them a confirmation email and include your html. Use it to offer a download or link to your incentive content. Done.

Some ideas for incentives

If you’re not sure what we’re getting at or how to put it to work for yourself check out this post.

Here’s the full list of what else is comes in 1.4.12

  • With the above we’ve also changed the subscription confirmation message to no longer show your previous post. It wasn’t a real winning feature anyway.
  • We’ve added support for Add Widget After the Content. That is to say widgets which are set by it will not show up in your Postmatic email. So we support it by not supporting it. Which is to say its safe to use. Blog post on why coming later this week.
  • Even more improvements to stripping out signatures on incoming replies. We’ve moved all of that up to our servers so we can now tweak things in realtime.
  • We’ve got a Russian translation! Many thanks to Dmitry Kornyukhov. He is seriously the Best Russian Translator.

What else is coming this week?

There are updates to both Epoch as well as Postmatic Social Commenting in the works right now. Highlights include:


  • Instant comment posting. Comments now post to the comment stream the instant you hit the submit button. Even on slow-like-molasses hosts.

Postmatic Social Commenting

  • Full support for social profile images. We’ll be pulling in profile images from the social network used, and falling back to Gravatars if need be.

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