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Let’s talk Postmatic 2.0

Two years ago we began development on Postmatic. We knew that email commenting was going to be a big piece of the engagement picture but have always wanted the product to be so much more. As we close in on Postmatic 2.0 the product has finally reached the heights we’ve always dreamed of.

There is a lot to talk about and we’ll be blogging about it here over the next month or two. There isn’t a projected release date yet, but if you are interested in being a beta tester please let us know via the usual support channels.

Let’s start with a tiny feature that is going to do a lot to change how you interact with comments via email.

Meet the Reply via email button

In most emails sent via Postmatic you will find a recap of the conversation surrounding the post, or the larger context of the conversation. It’s one of our users favorite parts of Postmatic – being able to catch up on the full conversation right from email. It looks a lot like this:

Postmatic recap of blog post conversation

Replying to that email would send a reply to Danny Brown. But what if you want to reply to Noelle? You can in Postmatic 2.0.

It looks a bit like this

Postmatic recap of blog post conversation

You’ll notice there is now a Reply via email button after each comment. Clicking it will spawn a new compose window in your email client. Add your thoughts, hit send, done. The comment will inject into the proper point in the conversation and notifications will be sent out to all subscribers. Awesome.

We are adding the Reply via email button to all comments across all views in Postmatic Premium. It’s especially useful in circumstances when there are a lot of comments to catch up on such as when a user first subscribes to an older post or receives a recap when rejoining a busy conversation after a few days:

Postmatic comments - Reply via email link

We think it’s a little touch that will add a lot of comments.

There is so much to talk about in 2.0. We’ll be trickling out more posts as soon as features are wrapped up and production ready. Stay tuned. And, by all means, if there is something you’d like to see in 2.0 please let us know in the comments.

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