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Big news: Subscribe to Comments/Reloaded users can now migrate to Postmatic for free

This feature and announcement are a followup on this conversation. We still like the ideas presented previously but this seemed like the best route forward for now.

A good day for WordPress users and online conversations

Talk about a trusty workhorse. Subscribe to Comments by has been powering email comment notifications in WordPress for at least 8 years. Which is older than old in WordPress time. It currently powers new comment notifications on over 80,000 WordPress sites.

But what if those 80,000 sites could let their users reply to comment notifications to keep the conversation going? That’s what we’re setting out to make happen.

Subscribe to Comments has been the defacto email subscription plugin for most of those 8+ years and, in most cases, still chugs along. The trouble is that author Mark Jaquith (now a WordPress core contributor and author of a mind-bending 41 plugins) seems to be a very busy guy and the current version hasn’t been updated in over 3 years. Understandable.

We’re happy to announce that starting today Subscribe to Comments users can migrate to Postmatic for free.

We’ve built a new migration tool into Postmatic 1.2.3 which will allow Subscribe to Comments users to convert their legacy subscribers into shiny new Postmatic subscribers. It all happens with just one click, invisibly, in the background. From then on out notifications of new comments will be sent to old subscribers except this time they’ll be able to continue the conversation by just hitting reply. Fantastic.

Subscribe to Comments users can now migrate to Postmatic for free. Let them reply from anywhere. Click To Tweet

The new migration tool can import subscribers from Subscribe to Comments variations as well. This includes Subscribe to Comments Reloaded and Subscribe to Double-Opt-In Comments as well.

Full instructions and more details can be found on our documentation site. And as always, Postmatic can be found for free on wordpress.org.

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