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Introducing Postmatic 1.0. Free email-based commenting for WordPress sites.

Commenting in WordPress is an untapped opportunity. Increased blog engagement raises seo performance, strengthens your brand, and builds a community around your ideas. But commenting is confusing. What if it could be easy and familiar, just like email?

Postmatic is the first plugin to bring 100% email commenting to WordPress. And it’s available today.

Postmatic also lets WordPress blog readers subscribe by email when they leave a comment. Subsequent comments and replies will land in their inbox, just like with MailpoetJetpack or Subscribe to Comments. Except now with Postmatic, they can comment back and keep the conversation going just by hitting reply. They never have to leave their inbox.

To learn about Postmatic and the new Postmatic Premium please visit our site or download directly from wordpress.org.

Thanks to all our friends

It was just over a year ago that we quit our day jobs and began this journey. We’ve had brave and tireless families, friends, and beta testers helping us along the way.  We’re proud of the work we’ve done together and grateful for the support from you all.

Beta Testers

Thanks for kicking the tires and helping us discover just how wacky the worlds of WordPress hosting and email really are. It’s been a pleasure to solve your daily challenges. Please continue using Postmatic Premium for as long as you want. On us. You’ll find details in your WordPress dashboard.

Friends and Families

You are all angels. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. And, thank you for your patience. The support you’ve shown this year and especially the last few months is more than anyone could hope for. We promise to never launch another product. Well. Maybe. Next time we’ll keep it sane.

The people that made this happen

Our Team

Jason Lemieux | Plainfield, Vermont
Founder, product lead, front-end, marketing, business strategy

Dylan Kuhn | Reno, Nevada
Lead plugin development, product development

Ankur Kalra | Atlanta, Georgia
Business strategy, rails development, system design

Elissa Campbell | Montpelier, Vermont
Research, administration, support, task master

Consultants & Contractors

We have had an army of helpers on the periphery of this project. I’d like to recognize them and recommend their work to other startups and agencies:

Today is going to be a big day for us. Please tweet, blog, and spread the word about your experiences with Postmatic.


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